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Michigan Angel Fund closes six deals at end of 2015, invests $2.9 million in Michigan start-ups

The Michigan Angel Fund closed 2015 with $2.91 million of investment, including six deals totaling $1,578,000 in the last quarter. 

Ann Arbor SPARK and Amy Cell team up

Ann Arbor SPARK and Amy Cell LLC have teamed up to address the opportunity to create a more robust, sustainable high tech talent pipeline in the Ann Arbor region. The new program, which includes a special software-focused talent initiative as well as a high tech talent initiative, is a unique and innovative way to help employers of all driving industries attract and retain critical talent.

IndustryStar founder and CEO attributes successes to the entrepreneurial community

Starting a new beginning or venture isn’t easy to do alone, which is why building a community is exponentially important to entrepreneurs. William Crane, founder and CEO of IndustryStar Solutions LLC, has fostered a community of mentors and talent, leading to a threefold growth in the first year of business.

CEO Podcast: Joe Malcoun

During his conversation with Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, Joe Malcoun discusses his vision to develop a creative ecosystem of various companies, all dedicated to community growth, all under one roof in Ann Arbor. He also discusses how he became CEO of Nutshell and why he's decided to stay in Ann Arbor. 

SPARK Entrepreneur Boot Camp: Start-ups find their footing

Building a start-up is different for each entrepreneur and is individual to each idea. There are key turning points and critical decisions that require expertise to successfully navigate a new business venture. The Ann Arbor SPARK Entrepreneur Boot Camp specializes in providing the individualized support necessary to these complex situations and strategic steps.

Ann Arbor start-up Deepfield doubles size, continues to grow in Ann Arbor

Although it was started in 2011, Deepfield has deep roots in Ann Arbor. The company’s founders, Dr. Craig Labovitz and Joe Eggleston, are U-M graduates and were previously with Arbor Networks, which was acquired by Tektronix Communications in 2010. 

Ann Arbor SPARK receives Excellence in Economic Development award

Ann Arbor SPARK received a Bronze Excellence in Economic Development Award for its 2015 project in the category of New Media for communities with populations greater than 500,000 from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

Ann Arbor SPARK honors 14 growing companies with FastTrack Awards

Ann Arbor SPARK recently presented its annual FastTrack awards to 14 Washtenaw County-based companies that have demonstrated fast growth. Several of the 2015 FastTrack award recipients were multiple year winners. This year, two winners, Online Tech and LLamasoft, achieved 10 years of year-over-year growth.

Ann Arbor SPARK and EDCLC recognize Livingston County economic successes

Economic progress and successes were celebrated at Ann Arbor SPARK’s annual meeting in Livingston County, co-hosted by the Economic Development Council of Livingston County (EDCLC). 

CEO Podcast: Amy Cell

During her conversation with Paul Krutko, president and CEO at Ann Arbor SPARK, Amy discusses opportunities to help companies find highly-skilled talent, and how she’s partnering with Ann Arbor SPARK to help companies find software, advanced manufacturing and IT talent. 

"I'm back MI" - featuring Kelsey Trabue of FarmLogs

Kelsey Trabue is a creative with an ache for that Michigan magic. After attending Michigan Startup Night a couple of years ago, Kelsey learned about Techstars and immediately knew she wanted to participate. Upon researching, she discovered that she could be a Hackstar.   

RetroSense receives FDA clearance to proceed to first-in-human clinical trials

RetroSense Therapeutics LLC, a privately-held biopharmaceutical company, recently announced that its Investigational New Drug (IND) application for RST-001 received clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). RetroSense is developing RST-001 for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition that leads to the progressive degeneration of rod and cone photoreceptors (cells found in the retina that sense light), resulting in severe vision loss and blindness. 

Nexient taps talent to support growth, will add 150 jobs in coming year

Being able to hire top-tier tech talent has been a definite factor in Nexient’s success in Ann Arbor. Nexient is the largest domestic pure-play technology services provider in the U.S. and delivers Agile software development at scale and at value. Nexient helps its client respond with speed and agility to their market needs, helping them to stay competitive in their market. 

CEO Podcast: Dr. Craig Labovitz

Dr. Craig Labovitz is CEO and co-founder of Deepfield, a fast-growing, innovative software company in Ann Arbor. During his conversation with Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, Dr. Labovitz explains how technology has changed over the past two decades and how Deepfield is helping build, manage and optimize some of the largest networks in the world. He also discusses why Ann Arbor is the perfect place for his business. 

Ann Arbor SPARK debuts new, expanded accelerator space

Start-ups that want to be at the heart of Ann Arbor’s entrepreneurial ecosystem now have a new opportunity: Ann Arbor SPARK Central’s new fourth floor accelerator space, designed for more mature start-ups. The expanded incubator meets the demand from entrepreneurs who are no longer early-stage, but still need support before assuming traditional office space.
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