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CEO Podcast: Albert Berriz

Paul Krutko chats with Albert Berriz, CEO of McKinley, on real estate, company culture, and on giving back to the Ann Anrbor community.

Ornicept's Technology is For the Birds

Stories abound of birds getting tangled in wind turbines and even plane engines. Keeping an eye on the birds falls to Ornicept, an award-winning Ann Arbor start-up that has a way for birds, planes, and wind turbines to happily co-exist.

MyBuys Sees Strong Returns on Investment in Ann Arbor

California-based MyBuys, a digital marketing software provider, bought into Ann Arbor years ago when it opened its downtown office. Since then, the company has been clipping along at a 20% annual growth rate.

Michigan Funds Shape New Economy with $1.15M for Tech Start-Ups

The new year has brought a new flush of capital to a round of tech start-ups. Since their inception, the Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund and the Michigan Microloan Fund have accelerated about 160 new economy companies.

Ann Arbor SPARK Expands Talent

SPARK welcomes its newest hires, Shannon Beeman and Johnnell LaFreniere, and congratulates Liz Perpich, its newest management team member.

CEO Podcast: Governor Rick Snyder

Paul Krutko chats with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on how business, talent, and tourism are boosting Michigan's economy.

Get on the FastTrack With These Words of Wisdom

The brains behind some of 2012's fastest-growing area businesses speak out on how to create a sustainable business over the long haul. Think of them as your personal advisory board with incredible wisdom to share.

Valicor Expands in Dexter, Invests $5 Million, Adds 16 High-Tech Jobs

At Valicor, a high-tech employee-owned company, entrepreneurism isn't just a buzzword: It's job security. And innovations such as the extraction of valuable products from algae have resulted in a fast-growing new R&D base in Dexter, Mich.

Meet SPARK's New Talent

Get acquainted with Jake Albers, Joe Licavoli, and Scott Trossen, the newest members of Team SPARK.

Algal Scientific Takes Top Prize at Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

Algal Scientific Corp., a biotechnology company with a process for creating a byproduct from algae to be used as an animal food supplement, took the first-place prize of $500,000 in the third annual Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition. NanoMAG, LLC took second, with InPore Technologies, Inc. coming in third.

CEO Podcast: David Brandon

Donna Doleman, Ann Arbor SPARK's VP of Marketing, Communications, & Talent, chats with University of Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon about how U-M athletics boosts the regional economy.

Boot Camp Kicks Startups into High Gear

Navigating the winding road to business success can be daunting, especially for a start up venture.  Ann Arbor SPARK's Boot Camp provides the map that helps a business get from revving its engines to the finish line quickly.

SPARK Presents at White House Business Council Forum

At a recent White House Business Council forum, SPARK was sought out to provide its perspective on how the administration can best support businesses and partner with economic development organizations to help grow the U.S economy and create jobs.

Barracuda Networks Doubles Jobs In Ann Arbor

Filling a vacant property in downtown Ann Arbor is important, and having a high-tech leader move in too is certainly a win for the region. Even better? Barracuda Networks is expanding into a new engineering center at the storied original Borders headquarters.

SPARK Central Business Incubator Centers on Entrepreneurs

For many "kitchen table" entrepreneurs, the kitchen table is not the right place to be. Maybe separating home and business is better, or perhaps they are far enough along to need a real office space, but not a leased suite quite yet. That's where the SPARK Central Business Incubator comes in.
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