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Software Developers Are Shifting Code

Shifting Code is a pilot program to meet regional demand for software developers designed and administered by Ann Arbor SPARK and funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  

SPARK Expands Economic Development to Livingston County

With a growing and increasingly educated population, there's no reason why businesses shouldn't establish themselves in Livingston County. To increase commerce in the region, SPARK has partnered with Livingston County to offer business development and attraction services.

Starting Your Own Business

Ask any successful entrepreneur and they'll tell you: Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart. Myriad questions need answering before a business idea can be turned into a competitive company, and most people don't even know where to begin. This is why Ann Arbor SPARK offers a "Starting Your Own Business" workshop every month at its SPARK East business incubator in Ypsilanti.

Ann Arbor is a 'tremendous driver' for state's economic health

Of the many companies SPARK assisted in 2011, 48 of them created or announced plans to create 431 new full-time jobs, with new investment project costs totaling more than $52.2 million. That's just one of the highlights from SPARK's 2011 annual report.

CEO Podcast: Stephen R. Forrest

Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Paul Krutko chats with Stephen R. Forrest, VP for research at the University of Michigan, about the role of the university in accelerating Michigan's economy.


Over the last year, SPARK has brought on a whole host of new faces in economic development and talent enhancement roles. These hires come from across the U.S., and their broad range of educational and professional backgrounds complement those of SPARK's core veteran employees. Say hello to Team SPARK.

Aligning Talent with Opportunity Through the 3 R's

SPARK's Talent Enhancement department is working to Retain, Recruit, and Retrain talent for the Ann Arbor region. Using these 3 R's, SPARK helps fill open positions in the Ann Arbor region with the right talent for the job.

SPARK's Entrepreneur Boot Camp Primes Start-ups for Success

SPARK is preparing to launch its 20th Entrepreneur Boot Camp this March. The program will cram the budding entrepreneur's head with years of consulting expertise throughout two days of intensive, hands-on learning.

SPARK's Business Development Team Supports Hyundai America Technical Center Expansion

Hyundai recently announced the expansion of its technical center in Washtenaw County. SPARK's business development team worked with Hyundai over the past few months to secure the automaker's investment of $15 million and 50 new high-tech jobs in the region.

CEO Podcasts: Mary Sue Coleman and Ken Fischer

SPARK is pleased to announce the launch of Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Podcasts: Conversations on Economic Opportunity, featuring Paul Krutko, its president and CEO, in conversations with regional business leaders. The first two podcasts feature conversations with University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman and University Musical Society President Ken Fischer.
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