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Nexient taps talent to support growth, will add 150 jobs in coming year

Being able to hire top-tier tech talent has been a definite factor in Nexient’s success in Ann Arbor. Nexient is the largest domestic pure-play technology services provider in the U.S. and delivers Agile software development at scale and at value. Nexient helps its clients respond with speed and agility to their market needs, helping them to stay competitive in their market.
“One of the main reasons Ann Arbor is an ideal location for Nexient is access to talent to both the university and experienced professionals in the region,” said Colin Chapman, chief delivery officer at Nexient. “With Ann Arbor consistently being in the top 10 smartest cities in the U.S., we believe it is the right location to find and develop the best talent for our delivery center. We also look for talent nationwide, and have found that our candidates are willing to relocate to Ann Arbor.”
Nexient has been steadily growing since establishing in Ann Arbor in 2009. In the past six years, Nexient has gone from just shy of 8,000 square feet to its current expansion, which will create a 66,000-square-foot office for the Agile software development company. Nexient’s team has grown to 230 employees, and it plans to add another 150 in the coming year.
"Nexient's entry into our community in 2009 as a satellite operation, to its steady growth ever since, testifies to the outstanding talent, resources and quality of life available for businesses in our region,” said Mandy Grewal, Ph.D., supervisor, Pittsfield Charter Township. “Not just the attraction, but the nurturing of existing businesses is a central tenant of our administration, so it is very gratifying to see Nexient thriving and growing in the Ann Arbor region."
Nexient’s Ann Arbor office is its largest delivery center and a majority of its client projects are delivered out of this office. The Ann Arbor office is also Nexient’s key showcase center for potential clients who are looking to do business with the company.  
Nexient’s growth has had strong support from Ann Arbor SPARK, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and Pittsfield Township.

“From the beginning, SPARK has helped us navigate through the process to get us settled into Ann Arbor,” Chapman explained. “SPARK helped us launch, even using their office space when we had a very small team. They also helped us make the right connections and shepherded us through the process of setting up our business, including talent acquisition when setting up the delivery center.”
As Nexient has expanded over the years, Ann Arbor SPARK has provided ongoing support through site selection and talent support.
“Nexient and Ann Arbor SPARK have been great partners in growing the company here,” said Phil Santer, Ann Arbor SPARK’s vice president, business development. “Nexient has utilized SPARK’s talent services, including participation in A2 Tech Connect, our Job Portal and Job of the Day. They have also utilized services from Michigan Works! and received a grant of more than $90,000 last year under the Skilled Trades Training Fund to help develop their talent base locally.”
“Most recently, SPARK worked closely with Nexient and its broker at Colliers International to identify local options for growth in Pittsfield Township,” Santer added.
As the company works to fill its expanded office, Nexient is hiring junior- to senior-level developers in Java, .Net, DevOps and User Experience along with Test Automation engineers. Visit the Ann Arbor SPARK Job Portal for Nexient’s current available positions.
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