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Tiffany Marra

Tiffany joined Seelio as vice president of academics and services to advise on portfolio curricula, implementation and research. 

Job Title: Vice President of Academics and Services
Company: Seelio
College: BS University of CA-Irvine, MS University of Michigan, PhD University of Michigan, BS Anthropology, MS Educational Technology, PhD Educational Technology, Irving, Ann Arbor, California, Michigan

Bonny Chorzempa

Insurance agents at Hannigan Insurance make a difference for our clients every day. We are trained to listen, understand and analyze the needs of our clients in order to provide them with insurance solutions for their individual situations. I’ve previously worked at EMU Credit Union and Quicken Loans, where I was a mortgage banker. My phone sales experience and outgoing personality have been key factors in my success with Hannigan Insurance to date.

Job Title: Licensed Insurance Agent
Company: Hannigan Insurance Agency
College: Siena Heights University, English with a concentration in general communications, Adrian, Michigan

Adam Jakubowski

Coyote is the fastest growing third-party logistics provider on record. We are the middlemen between companies that have product they need to ship and carriers who can actually ship that product. As a carrier sales representative at Coyote, it is my job to gain a portfolio of carriers to work with while gaining their trust as well as helping develop and grow each of their companies. Coyote is more than just a workplace or a job, we're a family who sticks together to complete our daily tasks with a "No Excuses" mentality!

Job Title: National Account Manager
Company: Coyote Logistics
College: Lawrence Tech University, Mechanical Engineering , Southfield, Michigan

Matt Behrens

I develop all kinds of software, including web, mobile and desktop, using a wide variety of technologies, and offer my expertise as a consultant to meet client needs.

Job Title: Developer
Company: Atomic Object
College: Grand Valley State University, Computer Science, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Stephanie Morley

Fast Forward Medical Innovation is part of the Office of Research at the University of Michigan Medical School.  We work to accelerate biomedical innovation and commercialization in diagnostics, therapeutics, devices and healthcare IT.  As a member of the Business Development team, I act as an "alliance manager", helping to facilitate strategic relationships between researchers and industry partners. Through these connections the BD team helps faculty and external collaborators accelerate science from innovation to impact.
The energy of Ann Arbor was what attracted me to the area but getting to know people, businesses, cultures and networks in a new city isn't easy.  Ann Arbor SPARK was the first place I found, and they supported me the entire way.  It is an amazing resource and a gateway to a phenomenal community. 

Job Title: Associate Director of Business Development
Company: University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research, Fast Forward Medical Innovation
College: Michigan State University, School of Hospitality Business and College of Veterinary Medicine, East Lansing, Michigan

Dania Dunlap-Hurden

I work with each client to develop a smart marketing strategy to support their company vision, and assemble a team with the appropriate skill sets to deliver the desired result. I then manage the execution of that strategy by coordinating activities across team members to produce marketing campaigns, and adjust tactics to maximize ROI. I love bringing order from chaos and always look for ways to improve efficiency through technology and innovation. 

Job Title: Client Engagement Manager
Company: The Whole Brain Group
College: University of Michigan, Biology, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dan Keelan

I work with each client to uncover and fill the gaps between their company goals and the sales and marketing tactics they are using to achieve those goals. I work with my Whole Brain Group team members to develop compelling messaging and content that educates our clients’ prospects, which helps turn them into customers sooner. I love developing a deep understanding of each client’s business, market and customer in order to find creative ways to help them grow and achieve their goals. 

Job Title: Client Engagement Manager
Company: The Whole Brain Group
College: Wayne State University, English, Detroit, Michigan

Karl Kasischke

I work with clients to help translate their website visions into reality. From discovery and planning through development and launch, I like to think of building a website as solving an intricate puzzle with many moving pieces. I love delivering websites that look great, function well and generate the leads and sales our clients need to grow their companies. 

Job Title: Web Development Specialist
Company: The Whole Brain Group
College: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bryan O'Neil

As a Sales Engineer for Duo Security's two-factor authentication service, I provide pre-sales support for prospects and existing clients. It's a role which blends together technical support and solution selling in the exciting market of two-factor authentication. Our Sales Engineering team assist clients with validating technical requirements for security with two-factor authentication. Additionally, we assist clients with product integrations across different VPN solutions, web applications and Unix servers. I'm part of a great team at Duo Security, with a perfect harmony of work and personal life in Ann Arbor.

Job Title: Sales Engineer
College: Eastern Michigan University, Computer Science, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Terry Welty

I run marketing for one of the hottest start-ups in Ann Arbor. Its a very fast-growing company in a fast growing technology space.

Job Title: VP Marketing
College: Texas Tech - BA, Baylor - MBA, Lubbock, Waco, Texas

Binu Enchakalody

I work with a research team at the University of Michigan that creates automated methods to process and analyze volumes of medical  imaging data. We use this data to support crash and medical research. The job profile pretty much matched what I was looking for. I work with a small group which gives me a lot of freedom and as a bonus, I am loving Ann Arbor.

Job Title: Research Associate
Company: University of Michigan
College: Wright State University, Biomedical Engineering, Dayton, OH

Kira Lesser

I originally learned about this job from a friend of mine from college who also studied music.  He reached out to me at a time when I was looking to transition from music and non-profit work to the private sector, and struggling to find a full-time position in the bottom of the recession.  He referred me to interview to be a Business Development Associate as the first position in a 4-year Leadership Development Program.  The LDP offers the opportunity to work in a different department every year in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the company and the industry, aimed at preparing individuals for management.
My first position (Business Development Associate) consisted of research and prospecting for new clients.  I focused specifically in the media side of our business, which meant that I was reaching out to advertising agencies to introduce them to our approach and discuss a potential fit for their clients.  After that I worked briefly on the client-facing (rather than engineering) side of new client implementations and then spent a year working in our Client Success department, which manages all of our client relationships.  Recently, I joined the Media Operations team, which does the hands-on management of our clients’ advertising campaigns.
The best part about working for MyBuys is that there are no closed doors - someone at any level is welcome to take the initiative to make improvements, and our upper management is highly responsive.  It provides an excellent opportunity to find one's own strengths and interests, and develop a unique set of skills.  A large part of this is that MyBuys is a rapidly growing company.  It is headquartered in San Mateo with the largest office in Ann Arbor, and we are always hiring.

Job Title: Media Operations Associate
Company: MyBuys
College: University of Michigan, LSA, Music, Ann Arbor, MI

Scott Sarasin

GDI Infotech is an Information Technology Consulting and Solutions Company focused on Information Management and Integration. GDI’s flexible delivery models include onsite staffing, offsite project services, and offshore development. Scott brings 25+ years’ experience in business development for IT professional services, consulting, and managed services.

GDI delivers solutions using the powerful InfoReady Action Platform which enables GDI to develop information discovery and collaboration applications quickly and at far less cost.

InfoReady changes the way people work by channeling complex, diverse, disparate data into a clear, homogenous, user-obvious environment in order to find, act, track, collaborate, and thrive. I will be responsible for client relationships and for growing new business in key industries.

I have valuable experience to lead GDI on the growth path that it is poised to embark on. I have worked in sales and marketing leadership roles with technology based solutions to industries that include high-tech, automotive, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, electronics, transportation, and more. I have worked with companies such as Software Services Corp, AppNet, Commerce One, GoIndustry, and CDI Business Solutions. Previous experience also includes program development, service delivery, and client support / customer service.

Job Title: EVP of Sales & Client Engagement
Company: GDI Infotech
College: Northern Michigan University, Bachelors Degree, Business Administration, Marquette, MI

Marissa Kurtzhals

I first heard about Performance Network Theatre when I worked with one of our associate artists, Joseph Zettelmaier. I was in a staged reading of the musical he was working on and we premiered it at Eastern Michigan University. A couple of months later the cast was offered the opportunity to perform the play again at Performance Network's Fireside New Play Festival. The Fireside Festival is a series of staged readings (which basically means you read the script right on stage) and the audience provides feedback after the performance and is then submitted to the playwright who chooses to use the comments or not in his or her revisions of the new scripts. So I was very lucky in the sense that I was introduced to this theatre my freshman year of college because I was granted the opportunity to perform! Ever since then I've been a fan of Performance Network Theatre.

I would also like to point out that I am not yet a graduate. I still have 15 credits left to wrap up! I have been taking Accounting all summer (ick!!!) and I have a few more classes to wrap up and then I'll have my degree. For the Fall and Winter semesters, I was working as the Social Media Specialist at EMU Theatre and was doing a lot of research on the effects of social media in the theatre industry. My boss, Pam Cardell, informed me that the position of the Marketing Director at Performance Network had opened up and she suggested that I apply. I thought it was a long-shot but I read the job description and qualified! I submitted my resume and cover letter, participated in three interviews, and was offered the position within a week! I then had to leave my three other jobs I was working to support myself so I could start right away!
I was very overwhelmed when they offered me the position. I still can't wrap my mind around it. How is it that I'm not even graduated and I have my dream job? in the ARTS? I've gotten a lot of concerned glares when the word "Arts" is mentioned in reference to my degree. Artists and young people spawn the idea of "no work opportunities" and I'm living proof that  you need to work hard and look hard. It doesn't just happen. Be specific and get what you want!

Getting your dream job is not the end result of success story. After that, it's time to get to work. I am so lucky to be a part of this staff because they're a group of extremely dedicated and passionate people. Everyone is here because they love and believe in theatre. We are challenged everyday with a new task or obstacle but we constantly remind each other that we are a team and we make magic happen.

Also, check out my personal blog at marissakurtzhals.blogspot.com and follow me on Twitter @immastereo.

Job Title: Marketing and Public Relations Director
College: Eastern Michigan University, Theatre and Communications Department, Arts Management Major; Minors in Marketing and Theatre, Ypsilanti, MI

Steven Grostick

I was recently named Executive Chef at The Produce Station Gourmet Market. I come there by way of Toasted Oak Market and Grill in Novi, Michigan and Five Lakes Grill in Milford, Mi.  I have also cooked at the famed James Beard House in New York City.

Michigan born and bred, I infuse my love of my beautiful, bountiful home state into every dish I create. My passion is Michigan ingredients; seasonal produce from nearby farms, trout from Lake Huron, mushrooms upstate, and herbs and vegetables from local farms. I am known for my award-winning porchetta and signature house-made charcuterie. I deliver diners an authentic taste of the Great Lakes region.

I am a Michigan boy with deep roots here, and I want to do my part in keeping our farms and the local way of life alive and thriving. I have dedicated a great deal of my career to establishing relationships with small farmers and purveyors who have just as much pride in their farms as I do in producing memorable dining experiences.

Most recently, I was The Executive Chef of Toasted Oak, a “great lakes cuisine” fine dining restaurant in Novi, Michigan – which offers house-made charcuterie, artisan cheeses, unique condiments, local 2 Michigan specialties, and other fresh comfort foods. Under my leadership, Toasted Oak has achieved local accolades, including an Hour magazine “Top Ten Best New Restaurant” recognition and coveted “Best Restaurant for General Excellence,” as well as 944 magazine’s “Favorite New Restaurant.” Additionally, Chef Grostick and Toasted Oak were selected to be featured as the first restaurant in the pilot episode of “Great Lakes ~ Great Tastes” – a video series showcasing a culinary journey though Michigan.

I regularly step out from behind the stove to work directly with community organizations and events. I live in Highland, MI, with my wife, Stephanie, and our 2-year-old, Ashton. In my spare time, I regularly travels with my family throughout the state, especially to northern Michigan to show my son life on the farm.

Job Title: Executive Chef
College: Schoolcraft College, Culinary School, Garden City, MI

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